Ways to Stay Healthy and Happy During the Holidays: Supplements & Best Practices


Does decking the halls count as cardio? The annual holiday season is more than a time of celebration, family, and conspicuous consumption. It’s when we casually and willfully break all those good habits we’ve created for the previous 11 months.

We eat junk, drink way too much alcohol, and get way too little sleep. Factor in the family drama and rampant overspending and, well, you can kiss “health and happiness” goodbye. But what if I told you that you can enjoy the holidays without experiencing a complete health breakdown?

How to Stay Healthy and Happy During the Holidays


Let’s first dispense with the common refrain that “there’s a new miracle pill every day.” Yes, there are those who try to cash in on inaccurate claims. But nutrition, as a whole, is more static than we might imagine. The nutrients and supplements we require are easy to learn. But, like everything else, we need focus and commitment to using this information safely and effectively.

Did you know that the mineral content in fruits and vegetables has decreased by at least 60 percent since 1940? The reasons for this are too many to list. But they all add up to us needing more than good eating habits to stay at our best.

From national chains like GNC to smaller, mom-and-pop shops like Lakeshore Natural Foods and Milagros De Mexico, Oakland is brimming with places to learn We need to also be aware and look for a “no compromise” ingredients as supplements are not regulated in the US and we must demand quality bioavailable products. As a Certifed Nutritional Advisor, I’m happy to go over which brands I recommend for quality and assurance.

Best Practices

1. It all starts with basic self-care

The best way to develop health-related discipline is self-care. The best first step towards holiday health is self-care. It’s nice the way that works out, huh? What is basic self-care? We’re glad you asked:

  • Regular sleeping habits
  • Healthy eating choices (and remember those supplements!)
  • Daily exercise and activity
  • Stress management and relaxation techniques ( and omg the adaptogens, now those make you feel great!)

2. Communication

“Silent Night” may be a popular seasonal tune but silence is not best for you. It’s essential that you speak up—politely and as early as possible—about your personal needs. Make those in your life aware that you’re planning to have fun but perhaps not as they will. Honestly, there’s no rational reason to toss all your common sense habits just because it’s December. The trick lies in conveying this clearly but not belligerently.

3. Solitude is not selfishness

There will be times when you indulge. The healthy trade-off is balance. Holiday fun is not a contest. You don’t lose points for sitting out a few plays. Honor your needs. Take time to yourself to balance out the inevitable social splurges.

4. Plan active events

So much of the holiday festivities involve us sitting still—eating, drinking, and so on. Once again, in the name of balance, why not plan some active events? For example, try a group hike before the meals are served and drinks are poured. Ice skating burns some calories too!

5. Create new traditions

This can get tricky with the purists but, in the end, people will do what’s fun. Collaborate and create traditions that mix healthier foods, activity, and a drastic decrease in toxin consumption.

Give Yourself the Gift of Guidance

Take out an old-fashioned pen and paper. Write “holiday shopping” at the top and begin that list by promising yourself the gift of guidance. This year, you can unwrap a present that will never stop giving. We all have our areas of expertise. In addition, we all have limits on our time. Therefore, it’s not always realistic to assume we can find the time to learn all there is to know about the connection between mental health and physical wellness. At Healing Happens Therapy, you can get firsthand knowledge from an expert professional.  Come in, let’s get your life on track. Be your best in 2018!

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