My Journey

A personal part of my story that I like to share is how I became very ill after having my second child. I found myself with every condition under the sun from debilitating carpel tunnel to ingrown toenails where I couldn’t walk, extra weight and many more conditions. My body and hormones were going crazy as I found myself unable to watch my children and function. My heart was beating too fast, and it seemed I was operating in some sort of fog or dreamland. I was then told because of the hormonal imbalance- a latent gene in my body had turned on and I was diagnosed with a thyroid condition called Graves disease and Post partum Anxiety. I was placed on anti depressants and Graves disease medication.

I was desperate to feel better and continued to search for a holistic option and found something that changed my life. By doing a 30 day nutritional cleanse and resting my hormones, I began to not only have negative symptoms disappear but was feeling healthier and more energetic than I ever had before when I wasn’t sick. The fog lifted, I felt incredible and one day I began singing in the kitchen without really knowing I was and my husband walked in and said- “You are back!”
My whole family was so moved by the results we adopted this lifestyle and cellular cleansing as a standard and within 6 months I was medication free, had lost the baby weight and was finally bonding with my baby girl.

It is my pleasure now to share this amazing plan and lifestyle with all of you in the hopes that it will change your life the way it did mine. Whatever your goal is, it can assist you and be a wonderful integration in to a healthy life.

After searching for some time for a system that I believe in with zero compromise to offer to my clients, I found what worked for me. It is the perfect compliment to a busy, healthy lifestyle. You eat all natural, GMO-free and by choice you can go gluten and soy free, with dairy free options as well. I myself had a massive transformation in health and weight loss, and have seen it in my clients too.

This is an amazing way to gain more energy, to fit healthy eating easily into a busy life, and bringing clarity with Nutritional cleansing.

It’s your answer to:

  • Weight loss
  • Brain fog
  • Low energy
  • Healthy menu ideas


Healthy Recipes For Whole Food Living

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This was Great! I’m feeling better. I’m not craving sweets that much and I’ve noticed that I get full faster. I also got used to drinking water through out the day which I hardly ever did before.

My 5 day reset done and complete. I followed this to the T and very HAPPY to share that I lost 7 pounds in 5 days ????? never felt hungry or stuffed ? it felt great yesterday wearing my shirt ? in honor of my dear friend and not tucking my stomach to zip up my jeans . Now to keep working on a wonderful start.
Rosa C.

5 pounds gone and way less sugar cravings!! Thank you Kelly!! Thank you all for the food inspirations.
Shelly G.

Day 5 and feeling so darn good…this shirt I pulled from my closet a week an a half ago and didn’t fit so o hang back in the closet, this morning I decide to just try it on and OMG it fits ???????, and still have today. Thank You Kelly Montgomery

❤️ C.G.
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