Does Online Therapy for Couples Really Work? Yes! Here’s Why

Mention online therapy for couples and you may face resistance or dislike. Mention online dating and the reaction will typically be more positive. Yep, Internet culture sees us regularly consulting YouTube to “solve” daily problems but many folks remain skeptical of online couples counseling. Let’s recap:

We can connect with someone online in such a way that we commit to a life together.
We trust uploaded videos to help us with virtually every aspect of life.
But we give the side-eye to online therapy for couples.
It’s time to see this situation with new eyes. But first, let’s back up and set the stage.

Why Couples Counseling?
No couple is immune from conflict nor should they be. It’s a big part of growth and evolving compatibility. However, a struggle becomes a war when the lines of communication blur or our sex life becomes nonexistent. Committing, as a team, to regular therapy sessions brings you both so many results, e.g.

A safe space to open up—especially about topics you normally avoid
The benefit of an unbiased professional guide
A new awareness of who you are and who your partner is
Re-booting the passion and excitement that initially brought you together
New, improved communication skills
Building a new and even stronger foundation from which to grow as a couple
In many ways, online therapy is quite similar to traditional counseling in terms of aiming for and attaining such results. However, it offers couples some very unique options and benefits.

Below is a brief look at these differences. For more details, it’s best to speak with a licensed online therapist.

How Does Online Therapy for Couples Work?

1. It Breaks the Mold
Thanks to pop culture, the reflexive image of couples counseling is not always positive. We see unhappy couples hating every minute of a dull, ugly, and ineffective experience. While this utterly inaccurate portrayal helps no one, there is a way to navigate around its fallout. Online sessions can change our perception and therefore, change our ability to reach results.

2. Convenience and Pricing
No commute, no travel costs, no parking issues, not having to get out of your comfy sweats—these are just a few of the convenience factors. Life is full, money is tight, and there never seems to be enough hours in the day. Even so, we need help. Choosing video sessions goes a long way in easing this experience into your weekly plans. I even have several couples who do what I affectionately now call “car therapy” where they use their lunch break for a session and fit their mental health in midday!

3. Privacy and Lack of Stigma
Few of us like to admit any vulnerability. In addition, we like to keep our personal life private. Not physically entering a facility enables us to seek help without any exterior concerns.

4. It Can be Combined With Individual Counseling and Coaching
The issues that bring us to couples counseling often correlate to the personal issues of each partner. This is why it’s often suggested to combine individual therapy with couples counseling. Online sessions make this possible and, of course, bring with them all the advantages discussed here.

5. It Locks in Your Communication Skills
The format of video sessions demands more of our attention and thus, more of our communication skills. The foundation of connection and recovery is healthy communication. Online therapy for couples—by definition—keeps the focus on tight communication in every session.


Get More Information
When a breakthrough occurs, it’s not always obvious. Sometimes, it seems counter-intuitive. Online therapy for couples is the wave of the future but we don’t always recognize that the future has arrived. The key? Self-education. Gather evidence. Arm yourself with information. Then make the best decision for you.

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