Breaking Through Your Best: How to Navigate a New Level of You

Nothing can be harder than breaking through to become the best version of you. Right?

Well…there is something else to consider when your best graduates to a new level. How do you traverse this new ground? You’ve raised your personal standards and you’ve ascended. But the air is mighty rare up there. Now what?

What Does It Mean To Break Through to Your Best?
The first step is to seriously ask yourself this question. This is intentional, ongoing work. No one hits new levels by accident. So, commitment is crucial.

Beyond that, this does become a very personal quest. Each individual defines “best” in his or her own way. Therefore, while some universal truths can exist, the final judge is you.

And that’s kind of the point.

Part of reaching for our best involves not being trapped by the perceptions or expectations of others. Of course, we can and must learn from those around us. But “your” best is different from “their” best.

In addition, a new level of you is never a final destination. The beauty of the human spirit lies in its potential to keep evolving. Strive hard. Revel in the attaining of your goals. Then get yourself moving to the next level. As you break through to each new level of “best,” do the work to navigate with humility, compassion, and gratitude.

How to Navigate a New Level of You: Ask Yourself These 6 Questions

1. How Do You Care For Yourself?
Being the best version of you means your mental and physical health, too. When world-class athletes ascend to the top of their games, they don’t rest on their laurels—unless they want to be surpassed. The new level of you deserves the same diligence and that starts with a daily program of self-care.

2. Who Do You Hang Out With?
Friends, family, and colleagues can help bring out the best in us. We need a support team, of course. When times are tough, everyone appreciates a soft place to land. But most often, the people around are at their best when they challenge you.

3. How Do You Spend Your Money?
Spend, save, invest, donate—your financial choices have a huge impact. Carelessness is a one-way ticket out of Bestville. Lean on your team. Educate yourself. Make the best possible decisions.

4. What Occupies Your Time?
Make the best of your days, your hours, your time. Raise your standard and use your time accordingly. Each choice matters immensely. Treat your schedule with respect and wisdom.

5. What Are Your Values?
Opinions and beliefs can change. Facts can change. Values beneath it all are what guide us. Yes, the air is heady atop Mount Best. But the best version of you is still you. Don’t forget the principles that got you there.

6. Who Are You Helping?
There is no “best” if there isn’t a lot of giving involved. Not everyone may have the options you have. Social dynamics are a daunting obstacle. When you break through to be your best, bring as many folks along as possible.

“Your” Best Can Be a Team Effort
Collective efforts rock! Your best is awesome but what if you could double it? Working with a professional helps. Your current skills are evaluated and improved. Valuable new skills are learned. You practice and you grow. Best of all, you and your coach or therapist will focus intensely on what it means to reach your best and how to stay there. In fact, those weekly sessions will help you realize and accept what was mentioned above: “Your best” is not a static destination. It’s an ongoing process!

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