6 Ways an Online Coach Can Satisfy Your Craving for Body Confidence & Nutritional Guidance

  1. Convenience
    You want to feel better, and look better but have tried on your own and find yourself starting over and over. Feeling overwhelmed by it all, it’s not always easy or even possible with all of life and work to set up in-person appointments for help. An online coach removes that issue from the equation. From there, you can focus on what matters and relax into your growth.
  2. Privacy and Peace of Mind
    Being in the comfort of your home is huge. It truly helps with integration too. All the things you learn are then associated with accessibility and not some far off office of someone else’s. For a wide variety of reasons, we may wish to keep our personal work private. Not having to actually be present at a facility is a great first step. In addition, your online coach will use only the safest, most private forms of communication.
  3. Catering to Your Specific Needs
    Some of us may have physical or emotional conditions that make it arduous to adhere to a regular schedule of in-person meetings. In other cases, work or family obligations may leave little free time for ourselves. By eliminating the commute, online coaching allows you to use your me-time to bring out the best in you. Hair bun and sweats? Perfect!
  4. Expertise
    A qualified coach is your guide to the sometimes confusing world of habits, nutrition, workouts, self-care, setting and reaching goals. Take the guesswork and frustration out of your eating choices and daily routines. With one on one sessions and 24-hour email contact, you will be in steady contact with the support you deserve.
  5. Extra Help and Support
    Online coaching is not limited to the video sessions themselves. (See below for more details.)
  6. Affordability
    There are obvious factors that make online coaching more cost-efficient. Each case is unique but the details are just an email or phone call away.

How Does One Get Started in the Brave New World of Online Coaching?
Not just any therapist is experienced and qualified in Teletherapy. At Healing Happens Therapy and Coaching, Kelly Montgomery, LMFT is available for both online coaching and online therapy. This service satisfies all the above-mentioned factors. It also includes:

Virtual “Office Hours” where Kelly is available for free 10-minute check-in calls
24/7 availability via email to answer questions and offer strategic advice to make sure you take consistent action and receive the highest value.
That extra help and support are priceless to help build healthy habits, maintain growth through the week, and make lasting changes. To learn more about options and discounts, contact us right away for a free consultation!

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